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Privacy and Discretion

The "Emil Center" Detox and Rehab Clinic is a private institution in Israel, for the treatment of addictions. The Institution provides a wide range of services in the field of detoxification and rehabilitation for people suffering from addictions to drugs,...
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FAQ - Emil Center Rehabil...

Does the Emil Center Clinic have a proper license to operate? The Emil Center Clinic operates under a combined license from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Social Services and Welfare (license number 16/7/11). The combined license allows for...
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Combined License

The Israeli Emil Center Detoxification and Rehabilitation Residential Clinic operates under a combined institutional license of the Israeli Ministry of Health and Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services. This enables us to maintain all stages of the recovery process from addiction,...
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Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy, which we use for working with addicts, is essentially a mix of ancient yoga, modern biochemistry and bodily-oriented psychology. Regular yoga (in our case this is a yoga-based therapy) normalizes the work of the brain's contentment system, restoring those...
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Residential Rehabilitatio...

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Synthetic Drugs

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Forced Rehab - is it poss...

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Bio-psycho-social Approac...

Any treatment of dependence is accompanied by a huge number of myths. To date, in Israel and around the world, thousands of narcological clinics offer complete relief from drug addiction and alcoholism in the shortest time and without much effort....
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