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About Us

If you are reading these lines, it means that you wish well for yourself, because you came to a difficult conclusion – “It’s impossible to go on like this!” Perhaps you have already read the websites of many centers for the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction. It’s very difficult to make a choice – they all look good. Everyone promises a quick and full recovery.

At the international Emil Center for Detoxification and Rehabilitation in Israel we help people, who suffer from addiction, return to a healthy life, free of drugs or alcohol – work, learn, start a family and just be good, helpful, loving and supportive people. The main basis for rehabilitation is a deep, ongoing psycho-social cognitive therapy, based on effective psychotherapy methods, without the use of psychiatric drugs or drug substitutes.

We see the use of drugs or alcohol not only as a disease of addiction, but also as a destructive lifestyle, leading the addict to the loss of friends, family, health, and the basic principles of a human being.

In our therapeutic program, the patient is mostly concerned with changing that familiar and destructive lifestyle. For some patients this is a return to the healthy principles they used to have before they were addicted, and for some it is the acquisition of a whole new lifestyle, for the first time in their lives.

At the international Emil Center for Detoxification and Rehabilitation, a community was created, which strictly observes the rules of the institution – the patients’ temporary new home. These rules are a guarantee for effective treatment and for the success of this treatment. The rules are intended not only for patients, but also for the staff, and thanks to them the Center is characterized by a unique approach to work, in a fair and pleasant atmosphere, gaining mutual trust. At the end, all of these enable mutual work and progress between the patients and the staff of the Institution.

Every addict who comes to us for treatment receives help from a multi-disciplinary team, including a clinical social worker, a doctor-narcologist, psycho-educational counselors and certified therapists. Our therapeutic-educational team works as one complete unit. We, members of the Institution’s staff, do not “hold on to” any patient. One of the most important goals of rehabilitation at our Center is to answer the question: “Who am I?” We make sure to reflect on how the patient’s life looks from the side and help him to examine the different aspects of his life. He can then really understand what his present lifestyle is and why it is necessary to make a profound change from the root.

The excellent results of treatment at the international Emil Center for Detoxification and Rehabilitation prove that addiction can be cured! During the many years of work accumulated by the multi-disciplinary staff working at the Center, a great experience was acquired in the treatment and rehabilitation of people suffering from addictions. Our rehabilitation center constantly expands it’s horizons and the professional knowledge of our staff, and is the first to be updated with innovative and effective treatment methods. Graduates who have successfully completed their treatment at the Institution and are now conducting a happy life without the use of drugs or alcohol are the best living examples of this.

On our website, where you are now, you will learn about the principles of treatment used at the international Emil Center for Detoxification and Rehabilitation, and the principles for a healthy lifestyle. You will be able to get to know the therapeutic staff working at our Center, and become updated with useful articles and information that we hope will help you cope with addiction.

Our clientele includes people from all over the world, speaking Hebrew, English or Russian.


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Addiction Treatment

At the Emil Center - Detox and Rehabilitation Clinic, we help addicts overcome their addiction, unequivocally. With over 12 years of experience, with a professional, embracing and dedicated team, with quality individuals who are in the same status (of addiction), we accompany our patients discreetly and individually.
Addiction treatment is what may save your loved one and can be done in a way that he/she returns to a healthy and beneficial life.
Feel free to contact us for advice. We are here for you.

Causes of Addiction

It can happen to anyone. In addition, it can happen without the person noticing and it may take time until we notice a problem. There are all sorts of reasons which may cause a person to become addicted, but the main ones are mental states, such as depression, anxiety, and the attempt to escape them through a variety of external, addictive factors. "Hobbies", such as drinking, drugs and gambling, become habits. Furthermore, there are situations where the person involuntarily becomes addicted in cases of wrong doses of prescription drugs and painkillers.

Signs of Addiction

All addictions have similar patterns which, if identified, may let us know that a person is in distress and we should consider offering him treatment for his addiction. An addict will usually deny his state and will soon become the world champion in lies, to hide his addiction. As a result, when asked about his addiction and he runs out of excuses, he will often respond with anger and stuttering to evade the answer. In addition, in a person addicted to street drugs, alcohol or prescription drugs, we may also notice external changes, such as extreme weight changes, neglect of his outer appearance, bad odor and a decline in personal hygiene and self-care.
If you happen to recognize these symptoms, it is important that you begin to gently press the addict to begin the detox process. The person is in a sensitive and vulnerable state and you must find an equally sensitive and gentle way to convey to him that there is someone who cares for him and is there for him.
You can call us and consult with us as to how to do this most effectively.

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